John Mabrey, The Mabrey Firm, P.C.

For years I have retained Darren Summerville to handle complex legal issues and briefing which arise in my clients’ cases.  The reason is simple.  He wins.  Darren’s analyses are thorough and to the point.  For this reason I do not hesitate to place my clients’ well being in his hands.  Based upon his track record, it is clear that the judges in Georgia respect and value Darren’s input on complex legal issues.

If someone has a divorce issue, they consult a lawyer who regularly handles divorces.  If it is a medical malpractice issue, they consult a lawyer who regularly handles medical malpractice cases.   If you have an appellate or legal briefing issue, then you need to consult a law firm which regularly handles appellate and complex legal issues.  As far as I am concerned,  The Summerville Firm is that firm.  Darren knows the ins and outs of Georgia’s state and federal courts, and judges trust and respect what he has to say.  There really is no excuse for lawyers to play out of position and handle an appellate issue if it is not something they regularly do. The margin between success and failure is too thin to do so.