Hunter Hillin, Hillin Law

I met Darren Summerville after trying a medical malpractice case to a successful verdict. After all of the years and effort to reach this success, I was naturally very keen on finding the best Georgia had to offer to keep the verdict my clients so desperately needed. I met Darren and was immediately impressed, not only with his obvious pulse on the law and the courts, but also with his ability to pick up on very esoteric points of medicine that were germane to the case. He won me over right away, even though millions of dollars were at stake. And I have never looked back. No matter how many points the defense has raised, Darren is already there, having anticipated their every move and prepared with a cogent and well articulated response, whether in briefing or in oral argument. Believe me when I say it is hard for me to sit back and quietly observe, but I have the kind of confidence in Darren that allows me watch in amazement rather than step in and attempt to assume control.