Keenan Nix, Morgan & Morgan, P.A.

As a legal tactician and appellate advocate, Darren Summerville has few peers. ... [H]is creativity, tactical insights and sublime knowledge of the law is a powerful tool in the hands of any Plaintiff’s attorney.  Simply put, when you hire Darren, you do justice to your clients, your case, and your cause.

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Kevin Patrick, Kevin Patrick Law

"Kurt is a brilliant attorney. I would recommend him without any hesitation for litigation, as well as appellate practice. (Best to get him involved in the process at an early stage) He has a keen grasp of the law coupled with unparalleled experience in handling complex cases. Simply put, Kurt is my 'go-to' for legal questions"

Rod Dixon, The Dixon Firm

Some lawyers just operate on a different plane. Darren is one of them.  He moves through the law with a professor's glee but a trial lawyer's responsibility. His unmatched intellect is never disconnected from the realities of the clients he serves.  Darren is smart, analytically nimble, and accessible. He's a hell of a person and advocate. 

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Mike Caplan, Caplan Cobb, LLP

Darren is one of the finest lawyers with whom I have served as co-counsel.  Besides wielding a sharp pen, Darren is a keen strategist and tactician and is stellar in the courtroom.  His reputation as one of the most sought-after trial and appellate lawyers in Atlanta for large, complex plaintiff’s matters is most deserved.

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John Mabrey, The Mabrey Firm, P.C.

For years I have retained Darren Summerville to handle complex legal issues and briefing which arise in my clients’ cases.  The reason is simple.  He wins. ... There really is not excuse for lawyers to play out of position and handle an appellate issue if it is not something they regularly do. The margin between success and failure is too thin to do so.

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Richard Shapiro, The Shapiro Law Group

I tried my first case in 2014 in Georgia. During the discovery phase, I asked many colleagues in Georgia who they would hire to handle trial level “law in motion” practice, as well as the appeal itself. Unanimously, at least five lawyers gave the same name, Darren Summerville. . . . I would not try a case in the state of Georgia without Darren Summerville as co-counsel throughout the trial and appeal of any cause. He owns a command of the Courtroom that is coveted by all who practice there.

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